Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Deliberate and Intentional Training

As a homeschool mother of two daughters and three sons, I have been very busy with the "everyday" aspect of education. We put a lot of effort into teaching math, history, grammar, literature, etc., and although it is vitally important for our children to know these things it is only a part of their life. How they "live out" that life is far more important and the Word of God is our blueprint.

I have often been saddened by the fact that the beautiful picture of womanhood and manhood presented in the Scriptures has been so trampled on in the society in which we live. Terms like headship and submission have been stripped of their godly intent and turned into something ugly and unenlightened. As Dr. Voddie Baucham, Jr. writes in the introduction to his book What He Must Be If He Wants to Marry My Daughter, "Our current understanding of manhood (and womanhood) is in many ways ineffective and unjust. It is ineffective in that the current state of the family is confusion and disorder. It is unjust in that it is in direct violation of the Word of God (pages 10-11)" (parenthesis added).

As previously stated, the dissimilarity between the culture's understanding of femininity and masculinity, and the Bible's instruction on these things stand in stark contrast with each other. We at Keepsake Homeschool Curriculum are persuaded that the only way to return to what the Bible describes as true Biblical womanhood and manhood is to turn back to the Word of God as our source and be deliberate in the way we raise our sons and daughters.

This means that we as parents have to do more than just model these things. We must intentionally train our children in what the Word of God says about these things. It takes time, hard work, lots of prayer, and much instruction. Thankfully with the technology we have today it is much easier to find the resources available to create a curriculum unique to each family and each individual child.

It is my prayer that the resources you might find here will inspire you to intentionally take the time to raise up for this generation and generations to come godly sons and daughters........lights in a dark and confused world.

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